A chance to talk to FlatpanelsHD's reviewers.
By jtm79
Your mll measurement seems bit weird. Sounds more like 51 inch versions black level. It is known fact that even 64D8000 get better mll than what you measured. Also cnet and chadb have reviewed E8000 and it got lower mll. Cnet got 0,015 cmd2 for both 60E8000 and 60E6500. Chadb measured 0,021 cdm2.

So there must be some error with your meter or settings.

Apart from that, nice review. Im probably getting 64E8000. For me it sounds better than Panny. Little worse blacks, but ir is far superiour. Also brighter 3D is nice.
Yes, I agree but I can only account for our results and what we have measured. It is true that the 64-inch variant traditionally has had deeper black but I can ensure you that we had the 64-inch model in for testing and not the 51-inch :)
By evovii

Read another review of the E8000 plasma and they used some kind of PC mode on the HDMI inputs to reduce inputlag, can't remember if it was hdtvtest or avforums but they said to foget the game mode and use this special PC setting instead, they measured a very good 16ms in that mode. Have you ever tried that?

By Cagatey01
and second Marco( and westa) I think you wrong here. I have both in my house plasma and some lcd and even that I have the cheapest LG 50'' 2010 model its better then the 40'' sony lcd that almost did cost twice as much and has way more imperfections then that cheap LG plasma.