A chance to talk to FlatpanelsHD's reviewers.
By Stian Aarskaug
This monitor is a dissapointment, would be awesome to see a review of the Asus VG278H (and the new VG278HE)!!

Why didn't you write down the exact input lag on this monitor? Other sites reports around 7 ms input lag, which is more than the XL2410T with 0 ms input lag.

Can you please provide this info? :)
By Nik
Where is input lag test. Strange review LOW INPUT LAG)

We did not experience any problems with input lag, which is great. <------ ????? :? an thats all??

I need a resault i can't see it, because i want to buy this monitor and i was waiting that review for 3 month.
By Stian Aarskaug
Haha, me too. I began to be afraid it was something I'd just dreamt. The reviews really takes long, and by that time they should be able to at least perform a solid input lag test. :)
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By Rasmus Larsen
Input lag was measured to around 7-12 ms. It is impossible to give a 100 % accurate number for input lag as it not only depends on picture processing but also on color profiles and overdrive circuits. That is why I just wrote "very low".

Guys, seriously. I doesn't matter if it is 4 or 8 ms. :) Don't read to much into tiny measurement differences.

Btw. I'm sorry for the long wait. But we had some on-off vacation that delayed the review.
By Stian Aarskaug
Thank you! :) Anyway it is nice to know the number. I like to have the most information possible, not hear from an other person "that it is great" or "that it is not good". :) Detailed test data is what gives a review the little extra in my opinion.

That's understandable. I started reading FlatpanelsHD in 2012 so I don't know whether you usually use 1 week or 1 month on your reviews. :) Either way I will never abandon FlatpanelsHD for that reason, but sometimes it gets a bit hard to wait for the candy. :P
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By Rasmus Larsen
It depends on what issues we encounter. We often give the manufacturer a chance to address cirtical faults (if it is a fault and not just how the TV has been designed).

I understand you point about the long wait. Sometimes we just need to do a few hours of extra testing before we feel confident enough to release our results.
By jackypacky

The calibrated results shown in the review are just the calibrated settings posted or the calibrated settings AND an ICC profile?
By Nik
Rasmus Larsen, thanks for answering us and telling true ms, according to this, i bought previous model XL2410T
By Teenzraul
We have checked the new version and as you said the monitor is a disaster. It really disappointed all of us. I am sure they will fix these errors with the next version or with the next release. Thank you.Scam Support OmniTech