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#6653 Thank you for your informative and rapid response to my post. I hope you don't mind if I further refine my questions.

In flatpanels review of the BV8 and BV10 there is extensive analysis of B&O "picture circuits". For example, "The attractive picture quality is the result of an extremely sophisticated picture circuit, better in fact than the majority of other manufacturers.", "High contrast pictures are converted in a different way than low contrast pictures" (unique to B&O?).
I understand these and the many other favorable comments refer to the panel's native rate, now 240 in the U.S., rather than adding frames (interloping).

In addition, the glass cover appears to be another unique feature of the BV's, "the screen glass adds to the picture quality.". The B&O website also speaks of a contrast screen.

The purpose of my questions are to see if these features still set B&O apart, and advance BV11's picture quality beyond its peers. Expanding on your analogy, besides the extra quality control is B&O enhancing the Samsung panel as Alpina enhances BMW handling and power?

As for turning off the automatic dynamic enhancements, I enjoy manually adjusting the picture to match ISF,THX, or SMPTE standards as I do manually downshifting while double clutching. My beloved would just set the transmission to automatic.

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By Torben Rasmussen
#7718 No. Turning it completely off will reveal clouding - at least it did on our specimen.