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By krencey
Hey there,

let me begin by saying that I admire the great deal of work done on this site and that your reviews have been an inspiration and an example of how reviews should be written.

I went through the process of registering only to be able to say the following..

This particular review is the odd example of a missed opportunity. I am not sure of the extent the reviewer is willing/able to go back and rewrite his/her review or admit an error, but I am sure that once a while it is beneficial to admit one's mistake rather than to rationalize it, which is exactly what is being done here.

To cut to the chase.., the reviewer was unable to identify the full potential of this particular model, the HX85 series and based on his/her previous (I am sure valid) experience, simply neglected to give any possible credit to the local dimming feature and thus completely ignored the possible beneficial aspect of it.

This led to some strange calibration decisions and in the end robbed readers of the most convincing picture settings this TV offers. As many have done, the readers fled to other review/calibration sites which have not ignored this feature.

Finally, this let down and refusal to correct the review has led to loss of "reference" respect readers had to the site. Myself included.

Maybe, for the future, as a reviewer, try to leave your preconceptions before you start a new review. Cause sometimes you experience can be the one thing stopping you from writing the best review you possibly can.

Your reader,

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By Rasmus Larsen
Hi Martin

I think this post was posted in the wrong section? Was it supposed to be an answer in the HX850 thread?

Remember to use the "answer" button instead of the "new subject" button.

I will gladly reply but can you please report this in the Sony HX850 thread for the sake of context?