A chance to talk to FlatpanelsHD's reviewers.
By neel
Rasmus Larsen wrote:I noticed it when moving from side to side, but only on the darker grey colors in tweetdeck. Besides that I didn't really notice it when just sitting at my chair. But I can imagine that it could be a problem when using two FG2421 monitors in a multi-screen setup.
Ahh thank you. If it's only on darkest colors and you see no variations on bright ones (esp. white which is very present in web browsing) then it is all good for me !!
Rasmus Larsen wrote:I don't think it was noticeable during gaming, no, but it was not zero in measurements. I'm guessing that the 240 Hz involves a little bit of processing that adds a few ms of input lag.
The manual explains how the turbo works:

step1: screen is refereshed with heavy overdrive and backlight off
step2: next frame, screen is refreshed with the same image with no overdrive and backlight still off
step3: when image is set at some time of step 2, backlight is lit (short strobe)

Given the above we can say turbo adds at least 4.2ms delay vs turbo off as the image is not shown at the 1st refresh but only the 2nd one (with 240hz refresh). As backlight is lit somewhere within the 2nd pass (the one showing a duplicate of the previous refresh) a bit more time should again be added.

Though we don't know precisely when backlight is lit on the 2nd refresh. If it is lit for 1ms at the very end of the 2nd refresh then that would mean 3.2ms more to add (about 7ms more that without turbo in total).

But we have to consider that with turbo the image is displayed sharp as soon as it becomes visible (as it was prepared during the time backlight is off). So subjectively that should lower the added delay at bit.

Of course as you said there may certainly some processing time, but we have to consider the above additional time is added to it.
No backlight bleed, no crosshatching, no dead/bright pixels. The gamma shift is noticable if you move alot but I don't and I sit right in front of the screen.

With the 240 option on I do see a slight blur of the mouse cursor but you can turn the option off by using User2 and set a browsing config on that.

In game with the likes of BF3 the difference between 120hz and 240hz option is great! I really can tell the difference. Things do not blur up as much when you turn. I see things crisp and clear!

A review said that you can change mode and you get 97% colour coverage instead of the default 80 something. If I picked User1 and wanted to use 240hz mode, how could I increase the colour coverage that you can apparently get in other modes?
Hi, I'm a new member :)
I have a question about this amazing monitor:

-I read that it is a 120hz monitor, so does it accept native 1080p24hz input form a blu-ray signal (for example ps3....)??

thanks, its very important for my choise :)
By jtm79
I just bought this monitor. I have moire effect on white backrounds. Is that common or is it a defective panel? Black level/uniformity is fantastic though.
By anadas
Hi guys,

I tried to research this monitor on youtube and test pages but only your review mentions people already owning 120 or 144 hz panels. It was not clear for me if it is worth to buy this instead of a Asus vg 248qe for example.

my feeling is that there could be no or very little noticable difference compared to those monitors. (I make this conclusion based on the reviews on youtube (very few and mainly player unboxing and recommendations wich I am pretty sure was sponsore based and I also dont hear or see many people writing or chatting about buying this Eizo monitor)

I know that the biggest "problem" of my Asus is the color which is one of the biggest advantage of the Eizo.

Any thougts on real life performance and worth it or not tho change to Eizo? (you guys wrote that you receive a benq which I think has the same panel to the Asus, any chance to compare te 2)

thanks in advance