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By encaser
A complete review, as ever:) It makes all the 4K LCD sets coming out look like mere folly!
Are the 55, 65 and 77" sets still due later in the year Rasmus?
I'd love the 77" but maybe my pocket will stretch to a 65". Do you think that the new sets will have enough life-span to make them a 'safe' buy? Some reports suggest that the OLED screens as of yet have certain pixel colours that will fade faster than others.
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By Rasmus Larsen
Yes, the larger 4K OLED TVs will launch in Q3 according to LG. Probably at the IFA 2014 show in September. But I think we have to expect high prices.

As opposed to Samsung's RGB (red, green, blue) OLED pixels, LG is using white OLED pixels with small color filters on top. So I'm guessing that LG's OLED TVs will last much longer, but I think it is too early to say. We probably have to wait a few years to hear the truth from the owners of OLED TVs. As it stands right now, unfortunately I'm not one of them. :(