A chance to talk to FlatpanelsHD's reviewers.
By Yappa
Thanks for the review.

Motion reproduction doesn't sound great and has been confirmed by others. Same regarding the laggy webOS menu.
Before I take my decision though I'll have to see the TV myself with some of my own video material.

Good to read that they have included a normal remote. It might not be a looker but at least it serves its purpose. I'd rather avoid any type of magic/touch remote.

The reason why I actually registered is your measurement of the input lag:
A AVS user with the same input lag tester measured around 30 ms by setting the input label to "PC" AND using game mode.
We know that the PC label has helped for several Samsung TVs in the past. Looks like this might also be the case for this new LG OLED.
So my question is if you only measured game mode on normal non-PC labels or if the PC label didn't make any difference to you.
Thank you.

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By Torben Rasmussen
41 ms isn't something I would do much about, but I do understand that owners will nitpick to get the most of their TV in this regard, but we simply can't start fiddling with combinations of settings just to drag out 10 ms less input lag. We had the TV for less than a week and I have a 9 to 5 job to manage on the side, so time was extremely limited as it was.

Motion is pretty much identical to last years model, and to be honest I think people are obsessing a bit about this. Many other TV's have similar readings for motion resolution, but many of these also have the option to activate some sort of scanning backlight, which will improve motion. The LG doesn't at this time, so things might improve with future updates if you can make the TV do black-frame-insertion or similar.
By Yappa
Thanks for the reply.
I guess you meant 47 ms as written in the review.
Was the latest FW installed?

My current TV is a Sony W6 (2013) and gaming feels great on it, so I am looking for a TV that has at least a decent input lag. A 30 ms OLED TV would be nice.
So far only this one user and you had the chance to use the input lag tester on the new EC930 and I wanted to double check how exactly you came to your result. Especially since you have said yourself that the time you had with the TV was limited.

btw. I am wondering whether those reviewers who measured 55 ms on the previous model, the EA980, didn't use the PC label either or if this is something new in this year's LG models.

Regarding motion, there are negative comments, but since I am coming from a TV without any kind of motion enhancement, it could very well be that it doesn't bother me on the EC930.
Looking forward to your review of the 65EC970. ;)
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By Torben Rasmussen
Previously we have been using the PC-method. The Leo Bodnar is more precise and consistent and you will see differences when comparing the two - Leo Bodnar wouls probably show a higher number as you remove the inherent input lag of the PC monitor.

I also look forward to the 65" OLED... ;)