A chance to talk to FlatpanelsHD's reviewers.
By westa6969
Kind of disappointing after reading numerous positive reviews elsewhere. I think you forgot to include "high price" in the negative column since you emphasized it in closing.

Ashamed Samsung is force feeding Tizen and reinventing the wheel with a choice consumers are not familiar with when we've successfully used superior Browsers in the marketplace for decades. Android, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and out of nowhere we get yet another crap interface to learn? Guess Samsung wants ownership/control of everything.

I suspect the Flat Panel Shootout later this week at CE NYC will further critique this considering a number of Calibrators and AV experts have been die hard plasma fans, one even owning four Kuro's that take great pleasure in trashing LCD's despite plasma numerous fail points in a bright sunny room and other shortcomings.

I strongly considered the 78JS9500 but could not bring myself to spend $10K and so I bought a 75HU8550 flat and a SEK-3550 OCB & UHD Drive for less than half. The SEK-3500 is getting rave reviews by most on AVSForum though it's having a few hiccups out of the gate most favor it as well worth the price. Thus, jumping at a clearance priced 2014 and a OCB gives me and others the best of both worlds at a consumer friendly price. May perform a shade shy of the JS but I have to live with the budget and compromise as Samsung just overpriced them significantly. Market share arrogance can cause that I guess.

Your review made me happier about the flat 75" HU8550 for my HT. :)
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By Torben Rasmussen
Not considering the price, the TV IS quite good (the picture quality score should reflect that). You just can't shake the feeling that you bought a cheaper model with a slightly fancier panel as the rest of the TV looks and feels like the cheaper models. Yes, backlight uniformity is excellent, but the JU7505 was great in that respect as well. Yes, more colors and HDR looks great, but besides the two 30 sec demos I have, there is no content here in Denmark.

Sure Tizen is not Android TV, but the verdict on the latter is still pending, so let's not assume that Tizen is inferior just yet... I am not convinced of the merits of Android TV so far.
By Perljack
Thanks for another good read.

JS9500 is just too damn expensive for me but reading your 7500 and 9500 reviews it seems that Tizen still needs some love in general. I'm not sure I want to take the bet and buy a first-generation TV. I also noticed there is no HBO app for Tizen. Seriously.. I need that one...
By toke
I won't spend too much money on a tv right now and would like to have 55", so how does JS9005 and JS8505 compare to PQ? Have they lower quality FALD or no FALD at all?
By toke
Oh well, they seem to be edge-leds... Not so many options for curved 55" FALD these days...
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By Rasmus Larsen
Yeah, only the JS9500 is backlit. Which also makes the claim of "HDR support" on the JS9000 and JS8500 a bit dubious. Surely an improvement but probably more like MDR (medium dynamic range)