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By Torben Rasmussen
MortenNorseth wrote:Thank you for a good review,

A lot of people seem to be happy with this tv according to different forums and review sites such as Amazon, however there are mainly two problems that are noticed upon in multiple places:

3D crosstalk and bending of the frame on top of tv (both are with the 65" version)

The bending problem seems to occur mainly when the tv is warm, i.e. has been turned on for a few hours.

You said that in your review that you did not try 3D, would it be possible that you could reconsider if you could get hold of a pair of glasses..? This is a big selling point of the tv as many buyers that want 3D (including myself) are running out of options and this tv seems almost perfect in every other way.

Could you comment on this please? Again, thank you!

I missed your last comment, but as we ship the TV back before our review is published we can't do re-testing of any kind.
By Bigpest2724
#8072 Hi
I love this tv but I've read that in the review about the off angle dse....that's my only complaint about this set...what appears to be a thin dse line just to the right of the screen...any idea what causes this? I've spent hours researching it but your review is the only one that's mentioned's great square on! Any help is appreciated as it's annoyed me since I got it... cheers