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By Rasmus Larsen
Unfortunately, the new SoCis not a significant improvement. Hopefully we'll get something better in 2017.

We have no plans to review XD70, XD80 or XD83, sorry.
By ImreTamás
I know this review is nearly a year old, but can you tell me how do you manage the 0.3w standby? As you have mentioned in the review with remote start the standby consumption is 20w. You start the TV with remote unless you unplug it...
By Kuschelmonschter
Remote start isn't really the problem. After you hit that power button, the SoC and Android might stay awake for a rather long period of time. Nobody knows for how long and what it really depends on. If you use the integrated tuners, it will for example perform a scan to update services and EPG...

You will find some more details inside my own review.
By ImreTamás
Thanks for the information. I will try to turn off these settings. Do you know how much does it help? Normally I just keep the TV unplugged, but it takes ages ( around a 30-40 sec and a little bit sluggish for another minute) for the system to reboot on my xd83. But I need to sacrifice time to save some energy...