A chance to talk to FlatpanelsHD's reviewers.
By Stianbl
I've got this TV, but I'm having a lot of problems with it.

First off: You say this is IPS panel? Mine have really poor viewing angles! Even sitting right in front of it, 4 meters away, makes both edges loose color and contrast. Can this be a panel fault?

I also experience a lot of bad blacks. Especially from BluRay disks. Which is strange. Not expecting Plasma og OLED here, but come on..?

What I'm really asking is: Are my TV broken, or is this how it's supposed to be?

Check out some images over at avsforum that I posted:
http://www.avsforum.com/forum/166-lcd-f ... splay.html

Example: 2% Near Black. In my opinion, this should not look as bad as it does. This is 4 meters away from the screen, in normal lighting conditions and normal exposure (image shows what I see myself).
By R2P
So, I want to buy philips ambilight tv and I have 2 options - 7600 and 7101. Despite bad reviews which one you would recommend?
By Geilman
Hello Guys,

I have read your great review about the Philips 7101.
Furthermore you test the TV very exactly and honestly.

A lot of other review pages and magazines says this is a great upper class TV with great color. But after your review here I don´t think this is all as nice as they saying.

Currently I have a Samsung UE55ES6100 and I´m pretty happy with this TV.
Its not so good from the colors as my Philips 277E6EDAD/00 monitor.

Now I have found the Philips 7101 TV on amazon for a special 870 euro price and bought it. The delivery period is between 1-3 month.

As far as I can see no 4K HDR TV are pretty good at the moment (low cpu, hdmi ist nor really ready for this kind of bandwidth....).

Do you think this TV is a really good upgrade to my previous TV?
Can I play my games with the same smoothness as now on my Samsung?
They they say the Philips have a wide color gamut, does this work with the 8-bit panel?
Does anyone know if Philips have fixed the issue with REC2020?

Thank you guys