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By Nikica
#7658 I have watched couple of videos on youtube for UH7700 and it looks pretty impressive, although currently only 55UH661V is available here and it's way to expensive.

For instance, recommended price on LG site for UH7700 55" is $1199 and UH661V 55" here costs $1373.
With this price image what will be the price for UH7700 when it becomes available, not to talk about UH8507 :))))

But yes, I'm interested in LG and I'm more and more distancing from Philips (thanks FlatPanelHD for detailed 7101 review).
By Nikica
#7668 I have found a good price for 55PUS7101 and no matter about bad review I decided to buy it. I got used to Philips vibrant colors and I really don't mind that calibration issues mentioned in the review although I've noticed the following:

- I can see that this TV had some banding and almost no bleeding which is strange for an edge-lit TV.
- I am using Marantz 1403 receiver and when I set Audio output mode to Mixed mode on a TV and enable passthrough along with other options (dts and dolby capable reciever) on Kodi player I can't get sound on my receiver.
- Youtube app is constantly freezing and when I turned off the TV I couldn't power it on anymore. Then I tried to disconnect USB drive from the TV but it still didn't power on. I could start it again after 5-10 minutes.
-When I turned it on at some point I got a message that home theater has been detected and that I should connect audio cable??? I am using HDMI ARC port on a TV that is connected to my Marantz 1403 receiver.
After that I have tried to connect optical cable anyway and guess what I couldn't connect it. I can normally connect this optical cable to my receiver or Popcorn Hour A300 player, but not to a TV.
I have also noticed that I have managed to peel of optical connector plastic when trying to connect it.
WTF is happening with Philips??? I guess that they don't pass quality check....

I'm so frustrated that I plan to return it...
By Stianbl
#7783 Hi,
I've got this TV, but I'm having a lot of problems with it.

First off: You say this is IPS panel? Mine have really poor viewing angles! Even sitting right in front of it, 4 meters away, makes both edges loose color and contrast. Can this be a panel fault?

I also experience a lot of bad blacks. Especially from BluRay disks. Which is strange. Not expecting Plasma og OLED here, but come on..?

What I'm really asking is: Are my TV broken, or is this how it's supposed to be?

Check out some images over at avsforum that I posted: ... splay.html

Example: 2% Near Black. In my opinion, this should not look as bad as it does. This is 4 meters away from the screen, in normal lighting conditions and normal exposure (image shows what I see myself).
By R2P
#7808 So, I want to buy philips ambilight tv and I have 2 options - 7600 and 7101. Despite bad reviews which one you would recommend?
By Geilman
#7997 Hello Guys,

I have read your great review about the Philips 7101.
Furthermore you test the TV very exactly and honestly.

A lot of other review pages and magazines says this is a great upper class TV with great color. But after your review here I don´t think this is all as nice as they saying.

Currently I have a Samsung UE55ES6100 and I´m pretty happy with this TV.
Its not so good from the colors as my Philips 277E6EDAD/00 monitor.

Now I have found the Philips 7101 TV on amazon for a special 870 euro price and bought it. The delivery period is between 1-3 month.

As far as I can see no 4K HDR TV are pretty good at the moment (low cpu, hdmi ist nor really ready for this kind of bandwidth....).

Do you think this TV is a really good upgrade to my previous TV?
Can I play my games with the same smoothness as now on my Samsung?
They they say the Philips have a wide color gamut, does this work with the 8-bit panel?
Does anyone know if Philips have fixed the issue with REC2020?

Thank you guys