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By franco.bluto
#11793 EDIT 07.24.2017

My UN 55 KS 8000 QDOT HDR 1000 (UE KS 8000) TV binned for a a Samsung FA01 Panel code is stonking good for an active edge dimming LCD TV , very bright on HDR .SDR , HD or SD and it is still one of the brightest LCD TV's around in 2017 .)

The Samsung FA01 QDOT panel is up to ~7000:1 contrast and up to ~ 1474 NIT (cd/m2) HDR peaks depending on the variables and calibrations. SDR brightness can peak at 1332 NIT (cd/m2) lumapower :D

The panel has excellent LCD contrast ,blacks ,terrific dynamic range ,color and range topping brightness for an LCD panel .

The Samsung Smart hub Smart TV platform is miles ahead , faster and more stable than Sony Android in my Sony UN 55X850C and the One Connect is way cool with only one cable to the TV aside from the mains cord.

This Samsung UN 55 KS8000 is 3.515 x brighter than my 4K HDR Sony X850C and a real HDR 1000 TV ,that said the 2015 Sony 55X850C (X85C) is a decent wide color 4K SDR TV in the family cinema room now

The Samsung UN 55 KS 8000 TV is only 1.7 inches or ~43mm thick at the thickest part (bottom

The Samsung smart remote is intuitive ,with just a few buttons & R/F capable ,it controls the TV and my RF DirecTV set top box like a boss :D

The Samsung Smart remote is miles ahead of a Sony Andoid TV remote .

My Harmony remote can probably control the earth's rotation with the right codes but it cost ~ $100.00 usd. and has a zillion buttons too

I really like the Samsung smart remote for the TV and D*TV STB/DVR ! :D