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By franco.bluto
X85E spec wise and test looks like a reincarnated VA panel Sony edge lit frame dimming X850C
Kuschelmonschter wrote:
X850C was directly lit though...

X850C: VA Direct LED
X85D: IPS Edge LED
X85E: VA Edge LED

noooooo 2015 55X850C 10 bit Sony Triluminos panel = edge lit,edge bleeding frame dimming Cheap semi gloss too narrow view even for a VA panel, and only 420 NIT VA panel as these things go (Samsung PVA LCD CELL) , LED bar gets way too hot also and crappy low intensity /shadow details and low level black details and meh Live /CATV ch. content processing even with my conforming electronic calibrations :p
65X850C /75X850C = REAR backlight & better Samsung direct LCD panel or LCD panel cell maybe just frame dimming but a better panel all around ,

Any X850C/D/E ~420 NIT panel is nothing much for it's HDR or beyond a decent 4K SDR Sony Triluminos color mid range 10 bit LCD panel TV (maybe 8 bit + frc in 2017) but OK 4K SDR TV and probably better than a similar TCL and so on or some 4K SDR 8 bit TV's :p

2015 Sony 810 C 4K SDR maybe 8bit + frc and a pitifully not bright : 265 cd/m2) panel were all REAR backlight frame dimming cheap & Sony Andoid TV rubbish but maybe bt709 8 bit Triluminos was its one and only plausible feature outside of a much better + way brighter Samsung 4K SDR TV :D

Long and short of it none of The X850C/D/E can not touch a 2015 Samsung SUHD JS 8000/8500 and likewise cant touch a 2016 Samsung UN KS 8000 like mine or its sibling UE KS 7000 or better noting they are a model tier or two above an X850C to X850E with flagship QDOT retina searing mayne Samsung or AUO ultra black glossy panels and flagship TV model tier & video processing not mid range Sony rubbish .

2017 Samsung Q9 + Somy X930E are closer to 2016 Samsung KS 8000-9000 US /KS 7000 -8000 UE than other models :p

Only reason I bought my Sony UN 55 X850C or any Sony X850C was that it was significantly cheaper than a significantly better + brighter Samsung JS 8000/8500 back then and you need a 2017 Sony X930E or just get a 2016 Samsung UN KS 8000 - UE KS 7000 and call it a day noting at least the 2016 -2017 the Samsung's process TV broadcast and cable channel content way better than any Sony TV :p