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By Steve
#12209 I've just to add. About the blue/violet OLED thing with QD colour filter. I don't know what the peak brightness of theses OLED colors will be, but even if they are as much as white is now, that is still in the 1000 HDR range. I don't know for the LG fits can enhance the color purity of QD but certainly could on the Panasonic and the dual shutter version. However, it might not be suitable for much more. LG is a bit quiet on their RGB filter. They say that wide color gamut primaries make the screen dimmer, and have used white fur that reason. But what are they planning?

There was announcement of QD color filter development, which should have helped reach near 100% rec2020, as most light altering components would be in the oath behind it. But I didnt see this BASF brand a filter come out. Maybe there was an issue, maybe the Chinese were waiting for it. Somebody could have locked away certain technologies from them under licence. Just possible causes of non delivery. However, now there is another company announcing it.

Tantalisingly close.

Now, the hopes of led panels and OLED, printable, flexible. Led panels might just be more expensive. OLED has been more expensive. The hope of cheaper printable OLED and bendable. Bendable OLED has in the past, less color gamut by far. Printable, I forget if it is different, but printable bendable is what I hear about years back. So, will it get any good color, will it be cheap (hope so) will it be reliable longterm)? But unless brightness goes up, you might not get to 1600-4000 HDR, even with a QD colour filter. With micro led, again we are talking half a millimetre pixels so 4 meters for an 8k screen until they can bring them down. So, all these panel types might face limitations. I might like an 4-5 meter 8k 3D seemless tile panelled screen, but it might not be cheap. Again, also reliability of less.

Direct drive quantum dots have suprisingly proved shot lived and fragile, a lot less than even very old OLED tech. Hopefully some solution may come up. So, while they can do 10k nits theoretically, how long, what price? OLED simply took masses amounts of time to over come these, decades. I hope it doesn't.