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By mclingo
wow, that looks terrible, its really hard to understand why anyone would buy one of these over the LG C7 65 inch, you'd have to be a total Samsung fanboy as this TV seems to have no redeeming factors at all.
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By Torben Rasmussen
I disagree. Sure, the picture is based on edge LED with whatever downsides this has, but the "rest" is pretty awesome. Good build quality, best in class remote, Tizen runs well and has a nice feature list, awesome One Connect box. You get most of those features in the Q7 also, so one could argue that Q9 is a hard sell, though.
By franco.bluto
I like my 2016 Samsung SUHD UN 55KS 8000 /800D quite a bit as LCD goes and I don't own an OLED but the KS 8000 should be fine for me in my inner sanctum here until Microdot LED or QD-LED or whatever they decide to call them but I would want the price to settle out and the usual issues of a new panel to shake out .

I wonder how the 2016 KS 8000 picture and brightness observations compares to the 2017 Samsung Q7F , Q8F and Q9F at flatpanels HD or with other posters .

Even with the added the color volume looking at numbers I can't see a compelling reason to move to the 2017 QLED product here from my UN 55KS 8000/800D .

55" is the perfect size on the wall in the inner sanctum here with this Sony ES 7.1 AVR ,PC ,4 ELAC B6 speakers ,& my center and sub.on the short wall.

I saw a spendy Samsung QLED TV or a few at Best Buy and they were colorful on the Samsung Demo like usual for QDOT Samsung and *maybe a little more colorful then a 2016 SUHD but I don't recall it as brighter than the SUHD KS 8000 (800D) here or KS 8000 there & I don't recall which QLED Samsung TV 's .

The MU 8000/9000 was not the TV a KS 8000 is or the 2017 QLED's .

I'm presuming nude of QDOTS the 2017 Samsung MU 7000, 8000, 9000 are cheaper photoluminescent LED phosphor WCG LCD panels like maybe a 4K HDR WCG Vizio or TCL.

This 2016 UN 55 KS8000/800D TV is 2017 May NIB here and TBH it didn't leave a ton on the table for the arguably better 2017 Sony X930E at Magnolia Best buy on my USB media up to 4K HDR or the store Demos when I was shopping the TV's while this Samung FA01 panel binned UN 55KS 800D was shipping from Costco
By davzarek
Samsung Q9F have decoding problems with .mkv and .mp4 in 4k as far As I have tested.
Decoding sound tracks and subtitle tracks are just a mess.

Like decoding in 4k does not work on the Q9F in 90% of the files I have.

Note that all the older Samsung works fine.

I do not know what samsung has done with the Q9F decoding, but it is brokens as FFFFFF.