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By Rasmus Larsen
#12370 The Android 7.0 update is expected to be pushed out later this year. TP Vision has yet to comment on its plans for Android 8.0 that will introduce a new TV user interface.
By Kuschelmonschter
Sony Andorid TVs also lack YouTube HDR but it's support on some Samsung and LG TVs. It's a mess, really. I can't fathom why Google is not prioritizing Android TV - or at least bringing it up to speed. Kuschelmonschter will tell you all about it.

Android TV is a total mess. However, as for YouTube HDR, I am not entirely sure whether this is not a MediaTek issues, not implementing the most recent HDR APIs introduced with Nougat. YouTube might require those.

MediaTek has a history of not implementing the most recent TV APIs. Also see passthrough. Also in the mobile space, MediaTek is known for cheap shit. It is the same on the TV. Slow, buggy and already outdated on purchase day.

But also the care that Google puts into their own TV OS is underwhelming. Just look at the recently released YouTube 2.0, moving from a truely native Android TV app to a WebView.
Or the Android TV remote control app on iOS which has totally been broken for months already. Actually it never worked properly.

You might want to read more about it in my own review. Most things inside apply to Philips as well, as apart from the panel, it is almost the same as Sony...
By spotko.orascic
#12372 I agree, a proper Qualcomm chipset would always be preferred for android. But native apps are key. I've gotten used on my 2013 Sammy to not need a separate "smart" device but I am not sure I can pull it off here, but I'll give it a shot and hope 7.0 fixes the basics. In the worst case I'll add Apple TV 4K.
By Mamaw
Dissapointing to hear about YT 4K HDR not working, hope it gets fixed w 7.0 or I just pick up an Apple 4K

It is confirmed that the Apple TV 4k is capable of 4K HDR YouTube video?
Is the new Apple TV capable of VP9 decoding?
If not I have the impression that we will never see 4K YouTube on the Apple TV.
By Mamaw
#12375 I have this TV set for about a month now and this is the best I have ever owned.
The infinite contrast, the colors, the amazing upscale of lower quality sources and of course my first experience with HDR which I think is really great ! (Please Philips we need support for Dolby vision)
But there's things I don't like.

Android tv (6 in this case) : nothing really great about it, the interface is not very pleasant and not the quickest.
No support for hdr in YouTube with a 2017 TV set running on a native google OS is disappointing. The updated version on the playstore is worst with is bad interface and the suppression of the support of multiple user profiles.
The use of Netflix is somewhat inconsistent. At the launch of a tv show sometimes the picture is not filling the screen entirely like a little window in the middle of the screen. Sometimes the picture quality is jumping from 2160p to 720p for no reason.
For all these reasons, for 1080p streaming I prefer to use my Apple TV. The Netflix app is much quicker, a lot more stable and the picture quality seems to jump instantly to 1080p. A thing other platforms struggle with.
For 2160p I use my Xbox one S.

Motion handling: not particular to this TV set but I wish I lived in a world where 60 fps is the norm. I absolutely hate 24 fps movies with horrible jerkiness and poor motion clarity. So I use perfect natural motion on the minimum setting and live with the artefacts.

Sound : i was aware before purchase but yes the sound is bad. Simply bad, you need a soundbar at the minimum.
By spotko.orascic
Mamaw wrote:Sound : i was aware before purchase but yes the sound is bad. Simply bad, you need a soundbar at the minimum.
I read on the german philips forums lots of audio issues (arc/noises/cracks/out of sync) especially with AV receivers and especially in surround sound. Any issues there? Also I see the new sw released few days ago mentions some audio related fixes...
By Mamaw
#12379 Unfortunately I can't confirm any of this. I'm using a simple big stereo system connected to the optical out and i have not experienced any of those issues.
By VoidToast
#12380 There is a fascinating video on Youtube from a German TV reviewer, sadly it's all in German and I can only get the basic gist of it but they seem to be saying that Philips motion smoothing gives the effect of 60fps on 30fps console games with tolerable input lag and do side by side tests with an LG OLED to compare.

It would be interesting to see if you could do a second piece on the POS9002 to see if their findings hold true.
By Mamaw
#12381 This is not really new, this was already possible before. I remember playing some 30 fps games with perfect natural motion enabled and have the feeling of playing at 60 fps. What's new is the fact that this time you are going to have only 56 ms of input lag.
On my older TV set gaming with perfect natural motion was more like 160 ms of input lag. That was ok with narrative games but certainly not with first person shooters.
Beware that you will see artefacts on some moving objects with perfect natural motion enabled.

Edit : i don't understand German but I see the point of the video now. After a rapid check Philips seems to be the only manufacturer to have such low input lag with motion interpolation enabled.
With LG, Sony and Panasonic there is 88 to 114 ms of input lag.