A chance to talk to FlatpanelsHD's reviewers.
#14195 I've been looking at the HT-Z9F for a new setup in a new apartment so thanks for the review.

Is it possible to set the rear speaker distances separately per channel?
I have ceiling height power points for some rear speakers, but because of my layout I don't sit in the centre.

Any other similar options I should consider? I can't fit a receiver, so must be a soundbar. Wireless rears will be ceiling mounted (and must be active and independent - I can't put wires through the roof), so an upfiring component wouldn't work. Future proofing would be good which is why I liked these with Atmos and DTX support (even though I assumed they wouldn't give the best experience)

By 10basetom
#16876 I'm actually glad it has no upfiring speakers because they can makes things sound worse if you have vaulted or cathedral ceilings. I'm still waiting for someone to make Atmos lamp post speakers that look like this (replacing the bulb with a driver if course):

https://www.modernindesigns.com/arco-floor-lamp.html :D