TV calibration, calibration tips, settings etc.
By Johan123
Last years best 60 inch plasma if you consider the price deserves a review and calibration report. I cant find any on the net. If anyone can help me I would be grateful. I guess you aint doing a test here on flatpanels, Rasmus?

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By Rasmus Larsen
No, unfortunately not. PK550 wil soon be replaced so we're not planning on testing any of the current 2010 TVs.

You should be able to use most of the calibration options from the more expensive plasma TVs that we have tested, on a PK550, but you also have to do some tweaking. I don't have complete calibrated settings for this model, sorry.
By Johan123
Okay, I see. Thx for answering so fast. I found one on plasmatvbuying guide but using thoose settings was awful. They must have made some mistake. The tv could not show sky without distorting the hole picture. Expert 1 ISF I use and the picture is alright. But The 20-point system is to advanced. Ill try The 2-point system with The same settings you used on the PK950.