TV calibration, calibration tips, settings etc.
Hi guys,

sorry for my bad English. I am from Germany, but I prefer your website.

In November 2011 I bought a Panasonic GT30, it is the same model as sold in England GT30B.

I've been using your 2D settings, except the brightness. These I have arranged to 0 so that the cinemascope bars really nice black.

Deliver your settings but really really beautiful, natural uniform colors and images.

My problem is in 3D mode.

In itself, the picture is good, can not complain.

But if I'm running test images, I can clearly see the example Gray tones to go very strongly in the blue part. Grey is not gray, but rather blue-gray. That's not nice, with some films you see this situation then.

Only when I set the white balance of the blue value to -30, it will gradually return gray.

Unfortunately I have no measuring instrument, so I wanted to ask you if you can as the 2D image, a recommendation to give a 3D image.

I use Profile 1

Thanks in advance

Hi Cole

This is a known issue with many 3D TVs. Unfortunately the 3D color rendering is far from as accurate as the 2D color rendering. The problem with 3D is that the 3D glasses also affect the experience. Basically it is impossible to do a full calibration without compensating for the exact type of 3D glasses and since a few have been around since introduction, it will never prove very accurate to make a general recommendation of settings.

You can adjust down the blue value a bit but remember that it not only controls the blue tint - also the color mix. For a perfect result you need to do a full 0-100 IRE calibration with measurement equipment.

Unfortunately I have no recommendations other than what you have already tried.