TV calibration, calibration tips, settings etc.
By prabho
In your Sony HX850 review you mentioned "Sony provides the opportunity to adjust the picture and reach a level close to the best plasma TVs with THX modes today". well, when I see the movie screenshots, they appear bluish to me. I don't think THX mode would push for any particular color or tint. :o
Please help me understand this better.
I also found in some other reviews that it is tough to calibrate Sony LED/TV as they offer only 2point settings.

I am seriously considering 46HX850 and your response would really help.
Should I also consider Samsung ES6800 or ES7xxx?
which LED 3D TV would you suggest for deeper blacks, accurate colour, true 24p and good settings for calibration. :/

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By Rasmus Larsen
Panasonic's high-end LCD models have som additional calibration settings but the standard settings are not very good so you need calibration equipment if you want to go all the way.

It's true about Sony's limited calibration settings.

Don't put too much into the pictures. The cameras also plays a role and sometimes we take a few shots with different settings.

Are you looking specifically for a 3D TV? Or are you just trying to get that as a bonus feature?
By prabho
Hello Rasmus,
Thanks for your response!

I am looking at a decent LED TV with a good PQ. Since I find the price difference is not much and in general have seen 3D panels have a better 2D PQ i decided to go for 3D. After few demo I find it is a good to have feature and my wife and kid like it :D .

I was stuck with a Samsung 46ES6800 until Sony launched HX850. I like the Sony monolithic design over Samsung, but never got a chance to review any of the two side by side. In store both look good but I think Sony has a edge with rich colors (even if imperfect). In India Sony is offering 3D bundle at a very low price which includes PS3, 5 Bluray disks, 2 3D glasses. 2 come free with the TV so that covers one each for my family.
So by now you might have understood my bias towards Sony, but PQ is the most important factor for me. I have not found a single professional Calibrator in my city so i dont think I will ever get to calibrate my set. will have to depend on reviews and your advice, offcourse.

I am also keen on Panasonic ST50 but it still has retention problems (I read) and we still watch lot of satelitte channels with logo and movies with black bars on top and bottom.

I am not interested to give away PQ for a slimmer TV...

Should I consider Sony HX850? or Panasonic ST50 would be a better choice :? , given that I burn-in the plasma for 150 hours? will i still have retention problems? do you plan to reveiw ST50 soon? :)