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I have a PS50B850.

My question is, can i get my TV to connect to a wifi network for supporting wireless speakers, such as Sonos?
As far as i know PS50B850, does not have wifi, so can i buy an adapter of something that would make it able to connect to a wireless network?

I can see that Samsung has an adapter, which is rather cheap, but does that only support SMART-tv?

There is alot of money to save on the soundsystem if i can avoid buying a huge playbar, which i am not a fan of, and instead buy 1 Sonos Play:1 speakers.

Looking forward to your replies.

To my knowledge it cannot connect to the Sonos without the Playbar. That is why it was created.

Samsung has some wireless sound solution for its 2013 Smart TVs, but all of them are based on bluetooth.