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By Gatts 2a
Thank you for this review.

I have a question and need your advice for choosing a homecinema system with a soundbar for my living room pleasE.
Usage is mainly (80%) homecinema by viewing Mkv 1080p files or DVDs. I also watch Netflix 4K movies with a Philips 55Oled803.

I would like to feel surround effects so I removed the Sony HT-ST5000 system from my shortlist a,d all other good standalone soundbars without rear speakers.

I'm currently hesitating between 2 or 3 systems :
Denon soundbar + Denon Subwoofer + 2x Heos 3
Samsung HW-Q90R (or HW-N950)
Any other proposed candidate ?

Regardless the system's price, how would you rate the audio quality for homecinema usage from this 2 systems please?

Thank you for your help.