Talk about PC monitors of all kinds.
By Baskyabhai
#16137 Hello everyone,,
So I am currently in the process of building a modest gaming editing pc currently and I am having a tough time trying to pick out a good monitor to use. I am a gamer and I really want to dive headfirst into PC gaming again so my build is suited for 1440p gaming in mind with the RTX 2060 (maybe the 2070 if my tax return gives me more who knows). The issue is that I am also a photographer and editor and am wanting a 27in screen to be able to edit my personal artwork as well as clients work so I need an at least good monitor for photo editing as well. Do you have any good ideas for me? I am a poor poor post-college student too so I was hoping for my monitor to stay under $400 (preferably under $350 currently). I haven't had that good of luck finding one I am comfortable with yet, so if you have any ideas for me that would be awesome.