Topic: Smart TVs, smart devices, and TV apps
By Samop
Hey everyone,
I bought an Android TV device (Nexus Player) before Smart TVs were ubiquitous. I had a perfectly good 37" TV (it was only 720p as I recall) that I'd had since 2008. Then I'd go to friends houses and see how much poorer the interface is on Smart TVs. After that I heard the horror stories about how slow and buggy smart TVs are, and how the manufacturers drag their feet to patch them. My 720p TV finally died in 2015 (my fault, not the TV) and I managed to find the last model of 42" TV still selling at Best Buy without Smart features. So now I have that as well as a non-smart 32" TV in the bed room, and a Shield and Nexus Player hooked up to them, respectively.

So I can't use smart TV apps, because I have none.