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Hi Rasmus,
Hope you are well. Could you please cover the below points in the review of A8H:

* How snappy is the UI?
* Implementation of Dolby Vision on this TV and comparison of DV with LG CX implementation. On which
TV DV content looks better?
* Black crush issue
* Is the ABL issue still present which reduces the overall picture brightness on detecting the static logo?
* Does the Acoustic Surface Audio technology negatively impacts the panel as it vibrates the panel to produce sound?
* Is the DTS decoding present?
* Benefits over LG CX(if any). Comparison between LG CX and Sony A8H. which one is the value for money product?
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By JasonTate
As someone who is sensitive to stutter on OLED, does Sony's BFI do enough to make 24p content watchable? I realize BFI is primarily aimed at 60p sports, but hoping there is real benefit on the 24p side as well. Virtually all my viewing is 1080p blu rays of tv shows (The Wire, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Lost, Dexter, Justified, Homeland, you get the idea). Thanks!
hristoslav2 wrote: 16 May 2020, 22:56 Hi Rasmus,

Please test with Aida 64 and upload photos with the hardware data. I'm trying to gather information about the hardware and their marketing lies. ... post965636
It's in Danish but I think you should be able to parse it :)
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I would be happy to know if the picture ambient optimization is more advanced than what the light sensor on the AG9 was able to do, and also how this compares to AI brightness on the LG oleds. If this feature works very well then it would be a unique selling point for me.

Also I am curious if the interface is different from the AG9 or not, even if they both run android 9.

How does the remote feel? I know it is a downgrade compared to the AG9, but does it still feel responsive and ergonomic?

Thank you!