TV calibration, calibration tips, settings etc.
By Cburnett
Dear Sirs,

I have just finished Calibrating my new LM7600 according to your settings and very informative review; however under the calibration settings, the following note had been included:

Note: The Eco option is set to On/Off in the table because it depends on your preferences. Eco is the automatic brightness adjuster that adjusts brightness according to the surroundings. It is a practical setting if you watch TV during both daytime and nighttime but if you have a home cinema with controlled lighting, I suggest that you leave it off.
Also, the RGB high and low settings were switched around on our LM7600 sample. Check to see if they are on your TV as well.

My question is in relation to the RGB specification in bold; would you please specify what is meant by "switched around"? Do I need to use the numbers assigned to the high points in place of those used for the low points and visa versa?

Thank you in advance for your help.