PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, Apple TV, Nvidia Shield, and more
Over the last month, Sony has released some technical details on the next-generation PlayStation, probably called PlayStation 5. I thought we could this thread to keep track of things as we are approaching the launch. Share what you find out there!

What we know so far:
Sony: PlayStation 5 to feature 8K, 3D audio, ray tracing & backwards compatibilit
PlayStation 5 will also support 4K120, cross-generational play
Sony demonstrates PS5 vs. PS4 Pro game load times

Here's the original article from Wired:
Exclusive: What to expect from Sony's next-gen PlayStation

And CNET's interview with Jim Ryan, PlayStation CEO:
Sony's PlayStation CEO wants a seamless transition to its next-generation console
A few thoughts:
- Regarding 8K and 4K120 this will require HDMI 2.1 so PS5 is obviously a HDMI 2.1 game console.
- 3D Audio: Is that Atmos or DTS:X - or both? Perhaps Sony will go with its own object-based audio format, i.e. an extension of the MPEG-H based music format that was demoed at CES (I had a demo and it was wild!)
- Ray-tracing combined with HDR? Bring it on! :)
- It was have a disc drive. Assume that it will be UHD Blu-ray?

Sony is demoing 8K rendering from Gran Turismo as part of its demo reel for 8K TVs. They explain that the cars are rendered in 8K, the surroundings are not. I've seen it a couple of times now and it looks great.