A chance to talk to FlatpanelsHD's reviewers.
By cDemafeliz
#17094 I knew I wasn’t crazy. First of all, excellent review as always by flatpanelshd. Super in depth. But I wrote about how terrible the blooming and blacks were in my reviews over at Amazon and Best Buy and I’m just surprised at how many 5 star reviews this TV still gets. Like how FPHD says, it’s just painful to sit there and watch, particularly in dark scenes. Glad I swapped this out for a C9. No regrets. :)
By Mark P
#17110 I own this TV and whilst I recognise the concerns you raise the odd thing is that it is very dependent on the source material, it 'can' look exceptional. For example Bladerunner both Bluray and 4K HDR are stunning even at night - both blacks and bright lights. But on The Revenant for example the HDR sucks. I think it is an issue with LG's firmware or it is an on purpose thing in the interest of product differentiation that has gone a little too far. Planet Earth II also looks amazing in both versions (4K HDR and 1080p Blu Ray). Hopefully they will fix with an update. Interestingly I have an LG computer monitor with HDR that has similar inconsistencies. To add even further to this HDR on youtube videos seems to work well and so does HLG videos on youtube. Despite all this most of the time I find myself surprised and pleased but I do wish they would sort this out with an update.
By pebbleridge13
#17126 Hi Guys,

First of all, Fantastic review, many thanks.

My issue with most (if not all) 4K Tvs is that they simply cannot display low bitrate, SDR sources and this one is no exception.

Here in the UK, we have very little 4K content and loads of low bitrate, SDR channels from our TV companies.

Until something dramatic changes this situation, I will have to stick with my old, 1080p Panasonic Plasma.