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Are you planning to sign up for Disney+

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By Rasmus Larsen
#17328 Disney+ will launch on November 12, 2019, in the US, Canada and Netherlands, and later in other regions. I thought we could use this thread in anticipation for the launch by listing what is know and linking to new details as they get confirmed.

Disney+ confirms more Star Wars & Marvel, Dolby Vision & Atmos
Disney+ will support Apple TV, Android TV & Roku but not FireTV
Disney will bundle Disney+, Hulu & ESPN+ for $13 per month
List: Disney+ originals, films, TV series, documentaries & library content
Disney+ launching on November 12 for $7/month with 4K HDR content
Disney+ streaming service will include the entire Disney movie library
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By Rasmus Larsen
#17350 Disney+ has launched this preview site with info, trailers, and more:

If you're not in one of the launch regions you can go to this version instead (a more limited site with trailers only):