A chance to talk to FlatpanelsHD's reviewers.
Hello, I have some questions choosing from st5000, n950 and ambeo.
First of all, I'm a music lover and still it would be good if my system can enjoy some movies, but not a really big favor. (75% music, 25% movie).
I read the reviews, and I actually tried them out in different shops.
And here is what makes me confuse, I cannot buy a seperate as space limiation, I would like to purchase a soundbar that can act as good music player, and perhaps helps my TV and movie performances better, not essential tho, as I only watch movies once a week.
I know that these three flatship soundbar works good for both movies and music, I am wondering which one did the best in terms of music.
Personally I feel like st5000 and ambeo is quite a better choice than n950 when it comes to music, but I didn't ab the st5000 and ambeo, so can you share some experiences of how these two compares for music?