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By herrpan
#5491 Hi,
I bought a new Panasonic TX-P42G20E plasma tv.
When I tried to connect my PC with vga cable on 1920x1080 screen resolution, my tv became black.
It looks like that monitor does not support that screen resolution what is unacceptable, because it is full hd tv declared to work in that screen resolution.
Just for note, before I have lg 42LH7000 lcd which was connected to a same pc without any problems...

I appreciate some comment regarding my problem.


By herrpan
Rasmus Larsen wrote:Panasonic G20 definitely has 1:1 pixel mapping. Try to deactivate 16:9 overscan in the setup menu.

You could also try to change the Hz of the signal to the TV.

Today I have successfully connected PC over HDMI cable with deactivated 16:9 overscan option from the menu.
This is also the better solution, because sound from PC goes through HDMI direct to TV on which I have connected speakers to the headphones port, so I may tune volume directly from the remote controller.

Connection over VGA cable not possible with resolution settings 1920x1080.

Tv have about 100 working hours, should I have to wait more or I can start tuning of the picture.
Position of the TV is in living room mounted on the wall, without too much light, maybe you can advise me some settings for ordinary use (IPTV) or for high definition video.

Anyway, many thanks for your help.

Best regards,

Happy user of Panasonic G20 model (!!!recommendations!!!!)