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By Libertine
#6188 Wondering if anyone knew of any TV's for 2012 that overcome the 1080p at 24hz per eye limitation? Silicone Image supposedly began offering samples of a 300mhz HDMI port processor chip about 7 months ago that handled the bandwidth, allowing 1080p60 in 3D as an input, not just 720p60. I noticed someone asked about it in the Panasonic questionaire, but the response was unclear. I'd be very interested if anyone knows....or can find out. ( Rasmus? :) )
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By Rasmus Larsen
#6190 I'm pretty sure that nothing will happen before the next HDMI standard (1.5?) is in place. The TV manufacturers seem to just follow the HDMI versions. I have asked a few manufacturers about it but the standard response is much similar to Panasonic's response.