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I examined the standby behavior of Sony Android TV over the past few days and came out pretty shocked. Depending on settings and the predominant network environment, the processor inside the TV might hardly ever go to sleep.

Remote start enabled

Some networking service running on my Synology NAS seems to keep the Sony TV quite busy. Whenever the TV goes into deep sleep, it is immediately woken up again. At 23:00, the NAS is automatically being switched off for the night. The situation calms down afterwards.


Before 23:00, the TV switches between shallow (20W) and deep sleep (0.5-2W) state every few seconds, which I assume will upset the power supply sooner or later.

Remote start disabled

Even after disabling the Remote start feature, the TV still frequently wakes up.


The Synology NAS does not seem to be a problem anymore (see plot before 23:00). Still some network activity seems to wake the TV up every few minutes which does not happen anymore after unplugging the LAN cable and disabling Wi-Fi:


I am quite confident that this behavior will sooner or later upset the PSU. What is going on here? Is Sony willfully damaging our TVs? When searching the Sony communities, one will find out that these issues have been present and reported by people since the very first Android TV sets, so for more than 2 years now. I can probably understandy why the TV wakes up with Remote start being enabled, even though in some networks, the mechanism might be too sensitive, waking up the TV too often. But with the feature being disabled, I would assume the TV to shut down the network interfaces and sleep through the night.