Guide to Super HD on Netflix
Guide: How to stream in Super HD from Netflix

31 Jan 2013 | Rasmus Larsen |

Netflix introduced ”Super HD” in January. Super HD should not be confused with Ultra HD. It is basically Full HD that is less compressed than before. In this small guide we tell you what you need to start enjoying Super HD from Netflix.

Guide to Super HD streaming on Netflix

Super HD was recently introduced by Netflix after they starting using a more effective compression technology from EyeIO that can reduce data usage with 50 % - or improve picture quality at unchanged bit rates.

Netflix Super HD
Two criteria must be met before you can start streaming in Super HD from Netflix

Super HD is offered only to Netflix users who are connected through Internet service providers (ISP) that have joined Netflix’s Open Connect initiative. Internet providers can join Open Connect for free and let Netflix install hardware at its data centers. But it depends on more than just your ISP as your location also plays a role.

You can check to see if your ISP supports Super HD here.

In addition, you need at least 6 Mb/s or faster.

You also need the right player

It is not enough that your IPS has joined Open Connect. You also need the right hardware to stream in "Super HD" via the Netflix app (basically, you need a device with 1080p support that supports high enough bit rate).

The following devices support Super HD.
  • PlayStation 3
  • Apple TV3 (updated with latest software)
  • Roku boxes with 1080p
  • Nintendo Wii U
  • Windows 8
  • Newer Smart TV & Blu-ray players (typically 2012 and onwards)

    If your ISP and your device support Super HD you should notice a Super HD label on some movies/TV series when browsing the Netflix catalogue. Not all titles are available in Super HD.

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