List of media box scores

25 Jul 2016 | Torben Rasmussen |

Here you will find all review scores for media boxes (streamers, game console, more) that we have reviewed. The list will automatically update every time we publish a new review so feel free to bookmark it.

Media box scores from reviews

You can compare all media players that we have reviewed since we introduced the new dynamic score system. Please note that the price of the product is not taken into consideration. Learn more about our dynamic score system & Awards here.

You can sort scores by criteria by clicking the top icons.

How to read the table

Apps is an evaluation of the app catalogue and the quality / user friendliness of the apps
Features is an evaluation of the built-in functionality and how useful it is, as well as build quality
User experience is an evaluation of user friendliness and the general use of the box, including the remote control
Total score weighted as: 40% Apps, 30% Features, 30% User experience.
indicates that the product has received an Award
All scores are calculated based on a moving maximum target, defined by what we currently consider the best on market. It is then presented as a percentage. This means that a score will fall over time as new and better media boxes set new standards. This allows you to compare scores across years. A score of 100% in a given category means that it is consider the best available media box in this category to date.

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