Cinema 21:9 - The true cinema experience

12 Jun 2009 | Rasmus Larsen |

For the first time ever you can now enjoy the full cinematic viewing experience at home thanks to Philips’ new TV, Cinema 21:9. Home viewers can watch films exactly as they are at the cinema, in the same 21:9 aspect ratio, on the set’s Full HD 56” screen.

The Cinema 21:9 TV will be launched on 18th June 2009 with an introductory offer that includes a ‘smart levelling’ bracket for wall mounting plus a free 5 year warranty for an all in estimated street selling price of £4500. An optional swivel stand will also be available with an estimates street selling price of £179.

Philips Cinema 21:9
Philips Cinema 21:9

Traditional widescreen TVs have an aspect ratio of 16:9, so with most movies the TV has to ‘letterbox’ the image to display the whole picture, which results in black bars at the top and bottom, taking up to 25% of the screen. However, when those movies are played on the Cinema 21:9 TV the black bars will be removed and the images will fit the display perfectly due to the panel’s 2.39:1 aspect ratio which matches the standard used by most modern films.

The advantage of viewing material in the 21:9 ratio is that it uses more of the eyes’ peripheral vision and as such creates the immersive viewing experience as found in the cinema. The Cinema 21:9 has Philips Ambilight as well.

Philips Cinema 21:9
Philips Cinema 21:9

However, having this ultra-widescreen ratio doesn’t mean that the Cinema 21:9 cannot display the more standard 16:9 content from sources such as broadcast TV stations, games and DVDs. Using processing, the set can scale the image to fill the entire screen. (We wonder about correct 16:9 aspect ratio with black bars though?..)
The screen has a Full HD 2560x1080p resolution managed by Philips 2009 Perfect Pixel HD engine. Cinema 21:9 also has 17bit colour processing.

Philips Cinema 21:9
Philips Cinema 21:9

The LCD-TV has a fast response time of just 1ms (BEW equivalent) thanks to the 200Hz Clear LCD technology and scanning backlight.

Ambilight Spectra 3 shines light from the rear of the TV to illuminate the wall behind - in a tone and intensity which matches the onscreen content. Ambilight Spectra 3 features array of LED lights along the top and both sides of the TV with the top light split into five segments, while each side is split into four segments.

Philips Cinema 21:9
Philips Cinema 21:9

The TV also features Philips’ new NetTV system, allowing access to tailored sites as well as the entire internet from the inbuilt Wi-Fi.
The TV is also DNLA certified giving easy access to music (ACC, MP3, AC3, LPCM, WMA), photos (JPEG, GIF, PNG) or movies (MPEG1, MPEG2 and MPEG4)

In addition to Wi-Fi and cabled network connections the Cinema 21:9 also boasts five HDMI ports – four on the back and one on the side.

- Philips press release, edited

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