Samsung B8500 LED-TV official

03 Aug 2009 | Rasmus Larsen |

The American edition of the new B8500 that we have mentioned earlier is now official. It features LED with local dimming, 240 Hz and a slim profile. B8500 is the new flagship in the Samsung 2009 TV range.

Samsung B8500 is the new member of the LED-TV family from Samsung. Instead of using Edge LED like on the B6000, B7000 and B8000 models, the B8500 uses Direct LED with local dimming.

Local dimming ensures much higher contrast because the LEDs are placed in zones and controlled locally, like on the Philips 9803 LED Lux LCD-TV that we recently reviewed.

Samsung B8500
Samsung B8500

- “For consumers who are looking for the ultimate HD centerpiece and high-level performance in their home theater, the Samsung 8500 Series delivers break-through quality and design,” said John Revie, senior vice president of Visual Display Marketing, Samsung Electronics America.
“The 8500 Series underscores Samsung’s dedication to providing a full range of HDTVs that not only achieve the highest levels of picture quality, but also provide unique and immersive entertainment experiences through our [email protected]™ suite.”

Picture Quality

The 8500 Series incorporates a 2 ms panel response time combined with Samsung’s latest version of its Auto Motion Plus. This frame interpolation technology enables Samsung to work with a 240Hz refresh rate on B8500, in order to improve playback of fast-paced content.

The LCD panel in the B8500 also has the Ultra Clear coating on the front imitating the image from plasma-TVs. In addition B8500 has the ability to show wide colour gamut images although you might not prefer this for general viewing.

Samsung B8500
Samsung B8500

Finally the B8500 incorporates a “Natural” picture setting option for better standardized picture quality settings.

Connectivity and Content

The new 8500 series features Samsung’s [email protected] suite, allowing users to access various content such as games, internet and recipes.

The [email protected] - Content Service, developed in association with Yahoo!, provides onscreen access to popular web-based content from Yahoo! (Flickr, Video, News, Weather, and Finance), USA Today (Sports), Twitter, YouTube, and others. The widgets-based interface and scrollbar run along the bottom of the screen.
Samsung’s [email protected] suite also enables 3rd party companies to develop widgets for the screen.

Finally B8500 has a wireless DLNA system to enjoy photos, music and videos from a networked PC right on the television, and two USB 2.0 connections. 4 HDMI inputs are incorporated as well.

Designed to Stand Out

Measuring at just 1.6 inches deep and featuring Samsung’s Touch of Color bezel, the 8500 Series provides consumers with style and flexibility in an HDTV, Samsung says. The stand also has a new supporting glass cylinder with fancy blue light.

B8500 will be available in both 46-inch and 55-inch models. An ultra-slim wall-mount solution is sold separately and reduces the gap between the TV and the wall to a mere 0.6 inches.

Samsung B8500
Samsung B8500

The US variants are called UN46B8500 and UN55B8500 and priced at 3600 USD and 4500 USD, respectively. Both models are on the shelves this September and will be exhibited on the IFA 2009 fair in Berlin in the beginning of September.

The European models are not yet official but will be named UB-46B8500 and UB-55B8500. No prices and launch dates yet but we expect a September or October release.

Still no official word on the Samsung B9000 series with wireless connection from Samsung. It might be postponed to 2010 like Sony’s X5500 high-end series.

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