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<div class="billede"><img src="pictures/mini-toshibasv.jpg"></div>Toshiba also has LED models in pipeline

14 Aug 2009 | Rasmus Larsen |

Sharp wants to release <a href=><b>LCD-TVs with LED backlight</b></a> and now Toshiba has announced that they have LED models in their pipeline as well. It’s the new SV series that shall be presented at the consumer electronics fair IFA 2009 in Berlin in September 2009.<br /><br />With the introduction of the SV series Toshiba joins the growing number of TV companies betting on the LED backlighting technology. LED can improve LCD-TVs on a number of points. The use of LEDs instead of fluorescent lamps as backlight units in LCD-TV has recently gained acceptance due to <a href=><b>Samsung’s so-called LED-TVs</b></a>. <br /><br /><p align=center><a id="thumb" href=" pictures/toshibasv-1l.jpg" class="highslide" rel="highslide"><img class="imgresponsive" src="pictures/toshibasv-1.jpg" alt="Toshiba SV" title="Click to enlarge"/></a><br><i>Toshiba SV serie</i></p><br />Toshiba wants to exploit the full potential of LEDs, and the SV series features exciting innovation. It will take advantage of the local dimming principle in Toshiba’s"Glaxay Local Dimming". Local dimming LED lets the TV control the light diodes in many local areas and thereby improves black reproduction and contrast ratio. <br /><br />Toshiba also incorporates a principle where black frames are utilized in the same way that Toshiba incorporates it in some of their 100 Hz TVs. By introducing very short black frames in between of the original frames Toshiba continuously “resets” the human eye and thereby improves the perception of response time on the TV. The principle is also known as Black Frame Insertion (BFI) or Dark Frame Insertion (DFI).<br />The technology is part of the SV series’ Active Vision M200 Ultra technology; an advanced 200 Hz technology.<br /><br /><p align=center><a id="thumb" href=" pictures/toshibasv-2l.jpg" class="highslide" rel="highslide"><img class="imgresponsive" src="pictures/toshibasv-2.jpg" alt="Toshiba SV" title="Click to enlarge"/></a><br><i>Toshiba SV serie</i></p><br />The SV Series features a glossy black design and has an oval feet with well-defined edges. <br /><br />Other technical features include 4 HDMI inputs, DLNA, and digital tuners. In addition, The SV models features a USB input that supports MP3 and DivX. Finally you find an integrated SD card reader. <br /><br /><p align=center><a id="thumb" href=" pictures/toshibasv-3l.jpg" class="highslide" rel="highslide"><img class="imgresponsive" src="pictures/toshibasv-3.jpg" alt="Toshiba SV" title="Click to enlarge"/></a><br><i>Toshiba SV serie</i></p><br />The SV series will be exhibited at the IFA 2009 fair in Berlin in September and FlatpanelsHD is on the spot in Berlin. The models are expected to land in September in 46 and 55-inches with the respective model names 46SV685D and 55SV685D. Prices are believed to be 2.499 and 3.499 Euro, respectively.<br /><br />You can also expect Edge LED models from Toshiba in December 2009 or January 2010. Edge LED means that the LEDs are located on the sides of the LCD panels instead of behind the panel. You cannot use local dimming with Edge LED, but the TVs can be slimmed down just like the current <a href=><b>Samsung LED-TVs</b></a>.

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