IFA 2009: Loewe redefines home entertainment

24 Sep 2009 | Rasmus Larsen |

FlatpanelsHD is on spot on the world’s largest consumer electronics fair IFA 2009 in Berlin. Read about all the new product launches and trends from IFA 2009 on the FlatpanelsHD front page or in our IFA 2009 coverage page.

Loewe presents one of the most beautiful TVs in a long time. With their new 52-inch Reference 52 Loewe redefines how a flat screen should look like. Reference 52 was launched at IFA 2009 fair in Berlin.

Loewe Reference 52 - or the full name Reference 52 Full HD + 200 - is elegant and sophisticated at the same time. As a sculpture it adorns the room and boasts superior materials, which is supplemented by the integrated large speakers.

Loewe Reference 52
Loewe Reference 52


Despite the fact that it is a 52-inch LCD-TV it has a depth of just 6 cm. The resolution of the TV is Full HD (1920x1080) and Reference 52 also handles both 200 Hz and playback of 1080p24 signals.

Loewe Reference 52
Loewe Reference 52

The TV has built-in tuners for both cable television (DVB-C), satellite (DVB-S) and antenna network (DVB-T) with mpeg4 support.

Media Center

Everything is controlled with the Loewe Assist Media Remote, which has an OLED screen on top and is made of glass and aluminum. The remote control is not dependent on infrared signals, but instead wireless USB, meaning that the user does not have to point directly towards the TV.

Loewe Reference 52
Loewe Reference 52

You can also add Loewe’s Media Center, Loewe Reference Mediacenter, which is the gateway to the digital world. You can connect devices such as iPods and Blu-Ray, but media center is also the ideal server for all media such as images and music.

Large capacity

The standard edition of Reference 52 has a DR + HD recorder, with a capacity of 500 GB. The built-in hard drive allows the TV to pause live TV and record - even in HD quality.

Loewe Reference 52
Loewe Reference 52

The TV also has a built-in media player that can handle photos, video and music from Loewe Reference Mediacenter.

Fianally, Reference 52 has a motorized stand which can be controlled using the remote.

Loewe Reference 52
Loewe Reference 52

Loewe Reference 52 was exhibited on IFA 2009.
Loewe also has plans to launch a 70-inch version of Reference under the name Reference 70. FlatpanelsHD previously saw a prototype. See the picture below.

Loewe Reference 70
Loewe Reference 70

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