IFA 2009: Panasonic 3D next year

25 Sep 2009 | Rasmus Larsen |

Panasonic invests heavily in 3D technology, just like Sony. In 2010 Panasonic will launch their first 3D products in collaboration with the Avatar movie directed by James Cameron; the man behind Titanic.

Panasonic believes in 3D and exhibits 3D prototypes on IFA 2009. The prototype is a Full HD 3D plasma-TV based on their 103-inch plasma-TV. Consumer products will arrive in 2010 in normal-size plasma-TVs.

Panasonic also believes that the plasma technology is ideal for 3D because it is able to refresh the image continually at high refresh rates. It also ensures 3D images in Full HD resolution.

Panasonic 3D
Panasonic 3D

Panasonisc’s 3D technology requires a 3D TV and 3D glasses; the so-called shutter glasses, which alternates the image for the right and left eye

Development of the 3D standard has resulted in several challenges for Panasonic. Traditional 3D technology has a significant degradation of picture quality, reduction in brightness, and manufacturers were unable to store a 2D and 3D version of a movie on one disc. One has overcome these difficulties; so that the 3D technology is now ready for the market.

Panasonic 3D
Panasonic 3D

- "Our technological solution surpasses conventional 3D technology currently available and Panasonic is fully committed to making it available to customers very soon,” says Fabien Roth, Senior Marketing Manager fra Panasonic.
“Panasonic’s Full HD 3D technology will be delivering a truly immersive experience. People will no longer be watching a movie; they will be experiencing the realism of Hollywood film".

Panasonic will be promoting their 3D technology in collaboration with the release of the Avatar movie. Avatar has been directed by James Cameron, the man behind the huge success Titanic. Avatar has been produced in both a 2D and 3D version.

- “I believe 3D is how we will experience movies, gaming, and computing in the near future. 3D is not something you watch, it’s a reality you feel you could step into,” says James Cameron.
“In 2008 I was thrilled to join forces with the pioneers at Panasonic. They share my philosophy on the future of entertainment. As a consumer electronics company, they are setting new standards in technology. Panasonic’s brilliance is demonstrated by their 3D presentation for the home. I’ve had an opportunity to view Panasonic’s Full High Definition 3D technology first hand and it was remarkable. Panasonic is the perfect teammate for us behind and in front of the camera. They play a crucial role in realizing the next giant step forward for in-home entertainment.”

Avatar will be in cinemas on the 18th of December 2009.

Watch the Avatar trailer below:

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