LG takes over Kodak OLED
LG takes over Kodak OLED

11 Dec 2009 | Rasmus Larsen |

Kodak has been working with the OLED technology since the end of the 70’s and with its reports of the first working devices in 1987. Now more than 40 years later LG takes over the Kodak OLED division. Kodak wasn’t able make much of the OLED business themselves.

Kodak’s “small molecule” technology, in the form of materials and intellectual property, enabled OLED to become a mass-production display technology. Now LG has to build on that foundation that Kodak has created.

Kodak also developed a large number of basic patents for OLED and considered the godfather of the OLED technology even today. Kodak never made it into the display sector, however. Their lack of investment proved to be vital and no actual production was ever established.

Kodak OLED photoframe
Kodak OLED photo frame

Now LG has acquired Kodak’s OLED patents and OLED technology. This also makes LG a serious competitor to Samsung that is also betting on the OLED technology.

Even though Kodak has sold its OLED business to LG, Kodak has secured access to the OLED technology in the future and agreed to mutual usage of patents.


LG has already announced a 15-inch OLED-TV.

No official information on the price LG had to pay.

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