LG LX9500 with 3D
LG unveils LX9500 with 3D and 400/480 Hz

05 Apr 2010 | Rasmus Larsen |

LG LX9500 is just 2,2 cm, displays 3D and has LED local dimming.

LG talked about the Infinia LE9500 model on CES 2010 in Las Vegas back in January but now it seems that the LX9500 will be available instead. LX9500 supports 3D, has a Full LED backlight with local dimming and 400/480 Hz. LX9500 also has a price.

LG LX9500

LX9500 is LG’s new flagship LCD/LED model that we have mentioned a few times before. LX9500 has now officially been unveiled in Korea. The model is part of the Infinia range with the Borderless design, and LX9500 boasts an impressive 22.3 mm deep frame. 

LG LX9500
LG LX9500

LX9500 is a 3DTV and the first one in the world to utilize a Full LED backlight with local dimming, contrary to Samsungs 3D “LED-TVs” (LCD-TVs with LED) that use Edge LED. The LED backlight consists of 1200 LEDs according to LG which should give you a dynamic contrast ratio of 10.000.000:1 (no words on native contrast). 

LX9500 also features 400/480 Hz technology to make motion even smoother. 400/480 Hz probably means a 200/240 Hz frame interpolating system and a scanning backlight system. 

LG LX9500
LG LX9500

LX9500 is a 3DTV

LG believes in the 3D technology and LX9500 is based on the frame sequential method with active shutter 3D glasses. The 3D glasses are rechargeable via USB and will let you enjoy 40 hours of 3D fun on one charge. 

The shutter glasses alternate the image for the left and right eye in order to create a perception of image depth.

LG LX9500
LG LX9500

LG also mentions a"Multi Picture Format” feature that makes it possible to play back for example 3D video from a 3D camera in real-time without having to let the video go into the PC first. No words on the actual practical use of that technology. 

Media Functionality

LG has incorporated a lot of exciting functionality. NetCast lets you access the internet through different widgets and services. LX9500 also supports Skype but you need to acquire the Skype camera separately.

DLNA is also supported and LX9500 eats images, video as well as music. LG says that the DLNA and the USB-port supports HD DivX, MP3 and MPO. 

LG LX9500
LG LX9500

Technical specifications

  • 3D TV (Shutter glasses type) 

  • Full LED Slim with Spot Control (Local Dimming) 

  • INFINIA Design: Ultra Slim Depth, Narrow Bezel, Uni-layer, Uni-color 

  • Full HD 1080p 

  • 10,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio 

  • TruMotion 400Hz (480Hz) 

  • Picture Wizard II 

  • Crystal Gradation with Varying Light (Facet) 

  • Invisible Speaker (10W + 10W + 5W) 

  • Infinite Sound 

  • Clear Voice II 

  • NetCastTM ( Broadband TV ) 

  • SkypeTM (Video Call Function with optional Video Camera) 

  • Wireless AV Link 

  • DLNA ready (with optional DLNA Dongle) 

  • USB 2.0 (HD DivX, MP3, JPEG play, MPO) 

  • HDMI 1.4 

  • Intelligent Sensor 

  • Smart Energy Saving Plus 

  • ECO Flower

    Price and Availability

    LX9500 will be available in 47 and 55 inches called 47LX9500 and 55LX9500. The TV should be on shelves around May 2010 in South Korea and later on in the States and Europe. 

LG suggests a price of 4,100 USD for the 47-inch model.

    More about LG’s 2010 flat panel TVs here:
    LG 2010 Infinia line-up

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