Panasonic VT25 priced
Panasonic’s 3D-Tv VT25 priced and dated

27 Apr 2010 | Rasmus Larsen |

VT25 is the first 3D-Tv from Panasonic that hit shelves very soon. Panasonic has now priced VT25 (VT20 in Europe) that will be available in stores very soon. Panasonic has also ramped up production of 3D panels by 30 % because of stronger-than-expected demand.

Panasonic VT25 priced

Panasonic’s flagship VT25 (VT20 in Europe) is the first 3D-Tv from Panasonic and will arrive in 50, 54, 58 and 65 inches in the US. In Europe folks have to settle with just the 50 and 65 inch models, though.

The VT25 range has now been priced and dated. See the overview below.

50-inch TC-P50VT25: $2,599.95
54-inch TC-P54VT25: $2,999.95
Available from May 3, 2010.

58-inch TC-P58VT25: $3,399.95
65-inch TC-P65VT25: $4,299.95
Available from June 2010.

Panasonic VT25
Panasonic VT25

Read more about Panasonic VT25 here:
Panasonic 2010 US VIERA plasma line-up

The EU line-up has also been priced earlier. See this article for more on the European VT20 as well as the other new Panasonic plasma ranges.
Panasonic 2010 VIERA EU plasma line-up

3D production ramped up by 30 %

Panasonic also said that they have ramped up production of their 3D plasma panels by 30 % because of stronger-than-expected demand and pre-orders.

- "We've had a very strong reaction," says Hirotoshi Uehara from Panasonic.
-"Our plasma panel factory is at full capacity but we've increased 3D panel production by 30 per cent compared to our original plan."

This also indicates an actual and stron consumer interest in 3D, although some remain sceptical. Samsung, Sony, LG, Philips and Sharp also have 3DTVs planned for launch.

Hopefully this will help to reduce prices in a month or two. FlatpanelsHD will soon receive the VT20/VT25. Expect a review soon or join our Newsletter to receive an e-mail when the review is online.

Source: Engadget / Panasonic Press

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