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<div class="billede"><img src="pictures/mini-googletv.jpg" alt="Google TV - Sony Internet TV"></div>Here’s Google TV – Sony is ready

24 May 2010 | Rasmus Larsen |

Google has unveiled a new service targeted at TV. It's called Google TV and with it Google intends to connect the TV and the internet through Google TV Android solutions in TVs as well as external boxes. Sony is planning on incorporating Google TV in the new autumn 2010 TV ranges, too.<br /><br /><h3>Google Internet TV</h3>Some time ago the first rumors started and said that Sony, Google and Intel would collaborate on a new Internet TV solution. Now Google has officially unveiled their Google TV service. <br /><br />Specifically, Google TV is based on the Android system and Google intends to incorporate Android into devices such as flat panel TVs and Blu-ray players. <br /><br /><p align=center><a id="thumb" href="pictures/googletv-1l.jpg" class="highslide" rel="highslide"><img class="imgresponsive" src="pictures/googletv-1.jpg" alt=”Google TV" title="Click to enlargee" /></a><br><i>Google TV </i></p><br />Via Google TV you can reach internet content but the system also combines the search results with you push-content from TV-broadcasters. Google will use their own search engine to enable these smart across-media searches that will also index your recordings (see the video).<br /><br />All this requires a bit of processing power and therefore Google has teamed up with Intel that will provide a CE4100 Atom processor chip. Also, Logitech will release dedicated remote controllers, keyboards, and the external box.<br /><br /><p align=center><a id="thumb" href="pictures/googletv-2l.jpg" class="highslide" rel="highslide"><img class="imgresponsive" src="pictures/googletv-2.jpg" alt=”Google TV" title="Click to enlargee" /></a><br><i>Google TV </i></p><br />Google aims to create an open platform that other developers can use and access. By doing this the Google TV service can be improved afterwards and other content providers can add their services. The Google TV service will also have a fully functional Chrome browser.<br /><br />Besides the integration into flat panel TVs and Blu-ray players, Google and Logitech have planned an external box that connects current flat panel TVs to the Google TV internet service. See the picture below. <br /><br /><p align=center><a id="thumb" href="pictures/googletv-3l.jpg" class="highslide" rel="highslide"><img class="imgresponsive" src="pictures/googletv-3.jpg" alt=”Google TV" title="Click to enlargee" /></a><br><i>Google TV </i></p><br />At a press conference Google mentioned that Americans can expect Netflix, Amazon Video On Demand and YouTube from the start.<br /><br />Also check out Google's own introduction video below: <br /><p align=center> <object width="470" height="285"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="470" height="285"></embed></object></p><br /><br /><h3>Sony Internet TV</h3>Sony has announced that they expect to have the first Google TV based Bravia television sets on the market later in 2010.<br /><br /><p align=center><img class="imgresponsive" src=pictures/sonyinternettv.jpg><br><i>Sony Internet TV will soon be Google TV</i></p><br />Google TV will be available for US citizens later in 2010. The rest of the world will have to wait until 2011 before Google journeys into the TV world.<br /><br />Read more about the current Sony Internet TV functionality in FlatpanelsHD’s <a href= target=_blank><b>Sony NX700 review</b></a>.<br /><h3>More information</h3>Below you can find some concrete information about Google TV.<br /><br /><li>Google TV is more than web TV or Apple TV; it’s not just a browser or a guide.<br /><li>Instead of a “guide,” you’ll be able to search for and navigate both TV and online content.<br /><li>Ablilty to download and run Android apps from your TV.<br /><li>Ablilty to control your TV from your Android mobile device, including voice-activated searches.<br /><li>Required bandwidth will depend on the kind of content you consume, but good performance can be expected from 3MB/s connections.<br /><li>Android OS 2.1 to start with the Chrome browser.<br /><li>With the Sony television sets, hardware will be integrated.<br /><li>For non-Sony HDTVs, external hardware will use HDMI.<br /><li>Hardware will be available exclusively from Best Buy.<br /><li>Once you buy the hardware, the service will be free.<br /><li>Google TV will eventually integrate with Sony PlayStation.<br /><li>Developers can work on Google TV projects starting today.<br /><li>Google TV will be available to consumers by fall 2010 in the U.S.<br /><li>Aggressive international expansion is planned for 2011.<br /><li>Android Market for Google TV will launch in early 2011.<br /><li>Google TV APIs will be available in early 2011.<br /><li>In summer 2011, Google TV will be open sourced.

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