BDXL is coming with 128 GB
BDXL: The new Blu-ray standard with 128 GB

29 Jun 2010 | Rasmus Larsen |

The Blu-ray format has gained foothold in the market in the recent years as a replacement for the DVD format. Now the people behind the Blu-ray format have finalized the next-generation Blu-ray standard. It's called BDXL and has 128GB.

BDXL is now ready

The next standard of the Blu-ray format is called BDXL and can store up to 128 GB in four layers. The current Blu-ray standard can store 50GB in two layers.

BDXL is coming
Blu-Ray XL has 128 GB

This means that video and audio can be stored on discs in higher, less compressed quality and it means that we can expect even better 3D picture quality. It also allows the producers to include for example one trilogy on a single disc.

Initially, the new BDXL is targeted at companies and studios that require space for large amounts of data – for example movie studios.

Coming to consumers as well

BDXL will find its way into the living rooms of the consumers, too. Or that is the wish from the Blu-ray people. The disadvantage of the BDXL format is that it is not compatible with current Blu-ray players, and this basically means that you will require a new Blu-ray player for the BDXL format. On the other hand BDXL is compatible with the current Blu-ray format, DVDs and CDs.

The final specifications of the consumer BDXL products have not been made official yet. The Blu-ray organization says that they’re still working on this. And therefore no actual consumer BDXL players have been announced. Maybe they will be on the huge consumer electronics fair IFA 2010 in Berlin this September.

What do you think? Are the consumers ready for a new Blu-ray standard?

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