THX 3D certification
THX creates 3D certification

11 Aug 2010 | Rasmus Larsen |

THX is regarded as a quality certification for audio and video and the THX certification has been used in cinemas, studios and recently in flat panel TVs. THX has now created a 3D THX certification for filmmakers and content producers to ensure high quality of 3D content for us consumers.

THX-BluFocus 3D certification

THX has teamed up with BluFocus – the official Testing Center for the Blu-Ray Disc Association (BDA) – to develop a THX-BluFocus 3D Certification.

THX 3D certification
THX 3D certification

This is a necessity after the many 3DTVs that has recently been released and after the filmmakers have started to produce more 3D movies. The certification will give the content producers the right tools to optimize the 3D movies but also incorporate a stringent 3D “rule-set” to ensure good 3D effects and to prevent 3D viewer fatigue.

THX want to make sure the 3D effects on objects, characters, subtitles, special effects etc. are properly incorporated into the 3D movie to complementing the actual movie without just been fancy 3D effects with no connection to the movie.

THX 3D logo
THX 3D logo

3D Certification categories

THX and BluFocus has developed three categories together with the 3D Certification:

  • Audio Video Certification: The “AV” icon indicates that a movie’s 3D visual images have been analyzed frame-by-frame to ensure Left and Right Eye images retain the sharpness and detail of the original master video elements. In addition, the audio elements have also been fully evaluated to make sure they meet studio Reference Level and remain faithful to the master recordings. The result of all of this work is a pristine 3D Blu-ray Disc experience, free of digital artifacts.

  • Creative Certification: All 3D elements, including characters, graphics and subtitles, should enhance the storyline and visual experience, not distract from it. The “C” icon indicates that THX and BluFocus engineers have reviewed all 3D visuals to make sure they are properly focused and in the accurate “action location” onscreen. 2D-to-3D conversions are also analyzed to detect creative errors and flaws that deviate from the director’s intent or may cause 3D viewer fatigue.

  • Interoperability Certification: THX-BluFocus 3D “I” (Interoperability) certification applies to Blu-ray Discs to ensure they play seamlessly on 2D and 3D Blu-ray Players from major CE brands. More than 100 Blu-ray players, from different regions, are evaluated with each THX-BluFocus Disc to deliver a hassle-free user experience.

    We hope that this can improve the 3D picture quality in the future and that we won’t see more of those fake 3D titles such as Alice in Wonderland and Clash of the Titans. THX has not mentioned anything about a THX 3D Certification for flat panel TVs, similar to the current THX certification for 2D pictures, but it’s seems like an obvious next step.

    So, look for the THX-BluFocus 3D logo the next time you’re shopping for a 3D Blu-ray movie. Want to know more? Go to the THX website here.

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