LG Nano LEX8 is 0.88 cm deep
LG presents Nano LEX8; super-slim 3D LED models

30 Aug 2010 | Rasmus Larsen |

LG has released some teaser information about a new LEX8 Nano 3D range. The LEX8 series is a range of 0.88 cm TVs with LED backlighting to be unveiled at IFA 2010 in Berlin this September.

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LG Nano LEX8

LEX8 is the first of the LEX models in the Infinia design range of very, very slim TVs. LG will be unveiling the LEX8 Nano LED range on IFA 2010 in Berlin. IFA 2010 starts September 3 and FlatpanelsHD will be in Berlin to give you everything about the new products.

LG Nano LEX8
LG Nano LEX8

LG’s LEX8 features a so-called Nano LED lighting technology that is described as “an extremely thin film printed with minuscule dots positioned in front of a full array of LEDs disperses light more evenly and effectively across the screen”. But LG also says that they can control the LED blocks individually, suggesting that local dimming is enabled.

LEX8 has a 3D panel that also displays 2D. Other technical specifications are; 400/480 HZ TruMotion, scanning backlights, Infinite Contrast Ratio, and Micro pixel Control.

LG Nano LEX8
LG Nano LEX8

LEX8 is a part of the Infinia design range meaning that LG has tried to reduce the border around the panel and the bezel is just 1.25 cm. The TV itself is also extremely thin and measures just 0.88 cm (0.35 inches) in depth.

LG Nano LEX8
LG Nano LEX8

LG has also incorporated the NetCast internet system, DLNA for streaming, and the Magic Remote control that works like a Wii remote, and that we introduced in our LX9500 review here. A USB port that supports DivX HD is also available.

LG Nano LEX8
LG Nano LEX8

LEX8 Main Features:
  • NANO Lighting Technology
  • Micro Pixel Control
  • Infinite Contrast Ratio
  • INFINIA Design: 0.88cm Depth, 1.25cm Bezel
  • TruMotion 400Hz
  • 3D TV (Dynamic 3D)
  • Picture Wizard II
  • NetCastTM (Broadband TV)
  • DLNA Ready
  • Magic Motion Remote Control
  • USB 2.0 (DivX HD, MP3, JPEG, etc.)
  • Invisible Speakers (7W+7W)
  • Infinite Sound
  • Clear Voice II

    A while back LG also talked about LEX7 and LEX9 models, so we might also soon learn more about these two TVs.

    Expect more information on IFA 2010 in Berlin from September 3. FlatpanelsHD will be there to cover the fair so check into our IFA 2010 coverage page or subscribe to our RSS feeds or Newsletter.

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