Panasonic GT20 3D plasma
Panasonic presents GT20: new cheaper 3DTV

01 Sep 2010 | Rasmus Larsen |

A couple of weeks ago we reported that Panasonic has a new and cheaper 3D plasma TV coming. Now the European model has been made official on IFA 2010 in Berlin. It will be called Panasonic GT20 and is a more mainstream priced 3D flat panel TV.

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Panasonic GT20

GT20 is Panasonic’s new 3D plasma TV for Europe (called GT25 in the US). It’s a cheaper route into the much acclaimed 3D picture quality from Panasonic that has only been available in the high-end VT20 / VT25 model until now. For the first time Panasonic will also offer 2D-to-3D conversion.

Panasonic GT20 3D plasma-TV
Panasonic GT20 3D plasma-TV

Panasonic GT20 should be regarded as a variant of the popular G20 model, with added 3D picture quality. This also means that it has the same design structure, although the product images seem to suggest that the model now has a brown bezel. Panasonic also mentions a THX picture mode, 600 Hz sub-field drive, and a contrast filter.

Time Shift and recording

Panasonic GT20 has some interesting media functionality from the more expensive Panasonic flat panels TVs. When connecting a USB hard drive you can use Time Shift functionality to pause live TV transmissions and record programs of your choice.

Panasonic GT20 3D plasma-TV
Panasonic GT20 3D plasma-TV

Packed with Internet and Multimedia

Panasonic GT20 comes with the VIERA CAST internet access. From here you can access a world of Internet content such as YouTube and twitter. And more services will be added later on, Panasonic says.

DLNA also enables the user to wirelessly stream video, images and music from a PC / MAC in the home to the TV.

Coming soon – review soon

Panasonic GT20 will be available in 42 inches called TX-P42GT20. The price has not been mentioned but Panasonic says that GT20 comes without 3D glasses.

The US model is called GT25 but is basically the same (just without some of the media functionality). Learn more about GT25 here: Panasonic GT25: Lower priced 3D plasma-TV

Expect a Panasonic GT20 / GT25 review here on FlatpanelsHD very soon.

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