Larry Webver 40 times
Plasma inventor plans to reduce energy consumption

01 Nov 2010 | Rasmus Larsen |

One of the key people behind the development of the plasma technology is Dr. Larry Weber. Mister Weber now plans to pick up the plasma development once again and improve energy effiency from the plasma panels 40 times. If he can achieve this it would mean that plasma will be more energy efficient than LCD-TV with LED.

Want to reduce energy consumption on plasma-TVs

The Father of Plasma TVs must be Larry Weber that was one of the key engineers in the development of the plasma technology in the mid-1960s at the University of Illinois.

Weber now wants to pick up development on the plasma technology once again; this time to reduce energy consumption drastically. Today plasma-TVs consume more power than LCD-TV and considerably more than LCD-TVs with LED.

Larry Weber
Larry Weber

According to, Weber says that;
- "There's no fundamental reason why we can't achieve this," and continues; "It's a matter of solving the engineering problems, but those can be overcome."

In the 60s Weber, Donald Blitzer and Gene Slottow invented a monochrome plasma panel. Afterwards Weber continued to work on the plasma technology at his own company, Plasmaco, and in 1999 he presented the first 60-inch color plasma-TV.

Weber aims to increase energy effiency on plasma-TVs 40 times, and 20 times within a year of two. And he plans to do so in his own garage. If energy consumption is lowered on plasma TV it can also lead to better picture quality because the plasma technology can output more light in each cell.

Weber has no concrete time frame, however, but says that it’s a matter of time; "A lot of people are people are working on this. But not like I am!".


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